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In fall 2000 City Academy became one of the first eight tuition-free public charter schools in Utah.  We were founded by faculty members from the University of Utah College of Education.  Our founders were long-time educators and parents who had the insights and the passion for making a real difference in middle and high school education.

At City Academy:

  • Learning is investigative, authentic, and college preparatory from 7th through 12th grades.
  • We know each of our students well and we engage them in making their personal best learning progress day-on-day, year-on-year.
  • All students are encouraged and supported to be involved as active citizens in our school and in the broader community.
  • We are preparing our students with excellent writing and critical thinking skills.  Our students consistently score above state average on the English section of the ACT.
  • We know the STEM fields are a critical part of each student’s education to support living and working in the 21st century.  We offer a large variety of classes, programs, and teams where all students learn “hands-on” in science, math, engineering, robotics, and computer science, enriched through the use of various technologies.
  • We incorporate meaningful Arts education as an integral component of a well-rounded learning experience through middle and high school.
  • We know that, in collaboration with our students’ parents, we are preparing the types of knowledgeable, compassionate, aware, productive future citizens that any of us would want to live next door to or do business with.


  • Every City Academy senior completes a Service Learning Internship Project as a part of their graduation requirements
  • We are the only school in Utah offering the esteemed Cambridge University International Examinations program for advanced placement classes.  We also utilize Cambridge pre-advanced classes that prepare more students to be ready for advanced study.
  • Every City Academy graduate who earns our College Ready Diploma may receive our $1,000 I’m Ready Scholarship to the college of their choice around the world.


Our mission is to engage every student in rigorous investigative learning and active citizenship that equips each one for success in college and in life.

City Academy provides a unique learning community for serious students in grade 7-12.  At City Academy learning is central, learning is real, and learning progress is expected.  We offer students dynamic hands-on and minds-on learning every day in each of their classes, along with a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum from foundations courses through rigorous advanced study.  

We are focused on students developing and demonstrating knowledge and competencies in challenging academics while becoming life-long learners.  We emphasize inquiry and the investigative process in every course.  Teachers pose questions that engage students in issues-based learning and require research, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving.  

Developing students as citizens in their communities is also at the heart of what we believe encompasses a good middle and high school education.  City Academy students are expected to build good habits of mind, heart, voice, and work that are demonstrated each day at school, as well as through completion of their service learning internship project as a part of graduation requirements.  


City Academy is the only high school in Utah offering Cambridge International Examinations internationally recognized Advanced-level courses (“A levels”) as our high school advanced placement program. Top universities value Cambridge learners because they don’t just have mastery of content, but are also able to think analytically, look at a text critically, and write effectively.

This globally esteemed college-level curriculum provides rich material for authentic investigation and study, and excellent opportunity to combine study in breadth and depth. Our Cambridge Advanced-level courses foster a characteristic passion and engagement in our students as we carefully and successfully prepare them for the rigors of their college education.  

Further, City Academy’s distinctive curriculum includes Cambridge Pre-Advanced level courses (“IGCSE”) to provide our students from 9th grade onwards with an outstanding preparation for Advanced-level study in high school and in college.

City Academy offers Cambridge advanced-level courses in English Literature, History, Mathematics, and Biology.  Some City Academy students additionally choose to take college courses through concurrent or other enrollment with local or online colleges or universities.


Our daughter was a gifted student, but she did not like school. We have tried public schools, another charter school, and even home-schooling. Nothing came close to City Academy in terms of simultaneously supporting and challenging her. I think City Academy’s success is due about equally to their integrated approach to learning, and the quality and dedication of the faculty.

Shelly Albaum, parent

I like how everyone has the chance to get involved.

–Lucas Hayes, student

Teachers actually care about you here. They will e-mail you, call you and get with you face to face. The teachers are just awesome.

–Marcus Erwin, student

Have I told you all again lately how happy I am about the concepts, ideals and practices of City Academy? My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in confidence just two months into the year. She is happy about the new things she is learning.

–Wanda Robinson, parent

I am very happy with the decision to send my daughter to City Academy! She just completed her first year and it was a huge success. They really care about and pay attention to the kids. For example, Sonia, the Executive Director, noticed that my daughter was bored in her math class and immediately worked with her to find a more challenging class. I also really love that the school is accepting of all kids, even those that might struggle to find their spot in a standard high school. I highly recommend City Academy as a school that will bring out the best in your kids.

–Brian Rollo, parent

City Academy is the best. It is a great community to be a part of, the teachers are dedicated, my son has many friends from different backgrounds, and they are all really good, happy kids. I have also come to know many parents and they too share the love for City Academy. If you would like to see your child receive an outstanding education and the tools required for a successful future, you will not be disappointed with City Academy!!!!

–Christina Phelps, parent

Wireless RFP

Request for proposal to enhance wireless services:

City Academy is accepting equipment proposals to replace its existing Wi-Fi network. We are currently using a Cisco 2112 management system with 7 Air-LAP1042N-A-K9 AP and have approximately 300 devices using the system.

In academic classrooms, there could be approximately 50 devices connecting at a time and in office areas 4 to 6 devices connecting at a time. Our campus consists of two 2 story buildings with a total of 11 classrooms, 8 office areas, one multipurpose common area and 4 35’ hallways. For an approximate total of 600 devices used on campus.

The solution must include a single management in-house portal from which all wireless access points can be managed and an onboarding solution which allows for tiered access, self-registration, and sponsored registration without intervention by IT staff.

Existing Wi-Fi equipment cannot be repurposed as part of the new design if the new design will be using the same brand of equipment. For vendors bidding another solution, the City Academy will consider allowing the existing equipment to be purchased by the vendor or accepted as a trade-in toward the new system. This should be bid as an option. Those portions of the existing equipment purchased using e-rate funds in previous funding years will not be eligible for trade or purchase. All replacement equipment needed will be shown in the bid ie: switches, power injectors, mounting hardware etc. All activation fees, on-going subscription, maintenance or license fees will be clearly shown as part of the bid. City Academy intends to complete installation of the system if the vendor intends to complete installation that cost should be placed as a separate line item on a proposal.

Application for E-Rate funds:

The school will apply for E-Rate funds sufficient to complete the successful proposal. Winning this bid does not guarantee that the application will be funded or that the project will ever be undertaken. An E-Rate application can take up to a year to be funded and vendor proposals will need to be valid for this length of me.

Evaluation Rubric: Proposals will be evaluated using the following formula,

  • 40% Cost
  • 20% Evaluation of proposed design
  • 20% Evaluation of the proposed equipment
  • 20% Evaluation of the vendor references and prior experience with proposed equipment.

Proposals: Proposal packages should be delivered (E-Mail) by 5/5/2017 at 5:00 PM MST bruce.hunter@cityacademyslc.org  ram.boppana@cityacademyslc.org


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