Governance & Oversight

Governance and Oversight

City Academy Board of Trustees

The City Academy Board of Trustees (Board) meets at school at 4:15 PM on the third Wednesday of each month August – June, but in December only by vote each year. All Board members are elected to the Board from the community at large except one seat on the board held by the parent chair of the City Academy Advisory Council. All Board meetings follow open meeting laws.

The City Academy Board serves a dual purpose both as the School Board for City Academy, and as the fiduciary board for the Salt Lake City charter school’s 501(c)3 status.

Board Membership

Walker Kennedy III, Chair Attorney, Woodbury Corporation
Larry Hintze Vice President and Relationship Manager, Bank of Utah
Erik Bengtzen Vice President, Wells Fargo
Brian Chapman Chair, City Academy Advisory Council

Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Radiology, University of Utah

Steve Foxley Attorney, Foxley & Pignanelli
Nathan Seim Attorney, Dorsey & Whitney
Kelle Smart Vice President, Academy Mortgage
Taylor Woodbury Attorney, Woodbury Corporation

Board Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agenda Minutes Budget
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City Academy Advisory Council (CAAC)

The City Academy Advisory Council (CAAC) meets at school at 4:15 PM on the second Tuesday of each month October – May, but not in December. In addition to a parent chair, the Council has a total of at least two more parents than other adult members, two teachers, two students, and one administrator. All CAAC members are elected by their constituencies. All CAAC meetings follow open meeting laws.

The Council is mandated by state law and its purpose is to advise the City Academy Board and Executive Director on the following: Use of School Land Trust funds, Comprehensive Guidance Policy, Title I programs development and oversight, digital citizenship and safe technology use, student transportation plan, First Amendment School issues, School Wellness Program, and any other issues of concern to the school population as a whole.

One of the primary duties of the CAAC is to act as the School Land Trust Council.  Each year City Academy receives Land Trust funding to address issues of our school improvement plan. A copy of the previous school year final School Land Trust Report is available Here

CAAC Membership
Represents Representative E-mail
Parent Chair Brian Chapman
Parent Rebecca Huntsman
Parent Merilee Ibarra
Parent Christina Phelps
Parent Rebecca Pyle
Teacher Aubrey Gamble
Teacher Gail Richardson
Executive Director Sonia Woodbury

CAAC Agendas & Minute

Meeting Agenda Minutes Budget
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City Academy Accountability Report

The Utah State Board of Education publishes accountability reports for all public schools on their website.  The report for City Academy can be found HERE.

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