Compelling Education, Dynamic Learning

Our mission is to engage every student in rigorous investigative learning and active citizenship that equips each one for success in college and in life.

City Academy is a charter school in Salt Lake City that provides a unique learning community for serious students in grade 7-12. Here, learning is central, learning is real, and learning progress is expected. We offer students dynamic hands-on/minds-on learning every day in each of their classes, along with a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum from foundations courses through rigorous advanced study.

We are focused on students developing and demonstrating knowledge and competencies in challenging academics while becoming life-long learners. We emphasize inquiry and the investigative process in every course. Teachers pose questions that engage students in issues-based learning and require research, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.

As a Salt Lake City charter school, developing students as citizens in their communities is also at the heart of what we believe encompasses a good middle and high school education. City Academy students are expected to build good habits of mind, heart, voice, and work that are demonstrated each day at school, as well as through completion of their service learning internship project as a part of graduation requirements.

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