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Benefits of Public Charter Schools vs District Public Schools

A generation ago, a parent’s school choice for their child might have come down to a basic decision between the local public school and the pricy, often unaffordable local private school. Those days are gone.  There are now many public, tuition-free options that allow parents to find the schooling that will best help their child learn and grow.

For parents looking at these public choices, City Academy is at the top of the list. We are the only college preparatory high school in Salt Lake City offering Cambridge International Examinations advanced placement program, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as our benefits go.  Here are some of the basics that make charter schools, and City Academy an attractive option for many students and their families:

Parental Choice

Not everyone is lucky enough to live somewhere with a district school that serves their child well.  In the past, this would have meant either settling for the local public school or shelling out huge sums for a private school. Now charter options for middle school and high school offer more choice.  Parents can choose the kind of schooling option that will provide their child with the best education.

Diverse Population

There is a myth that charter schools segregate students, but in reality the exact opposite is generally true.  While district public schools reflect the population of the surrounding neighborhoods, public charter schools are open to all and therefore carry a wider diversity of students.


Charter schools have some more autonomy than district public schools, and with this comes increased accountability. Charter schools that don’t meet required standards risk losing their charters.  These schools are very accountable to students, parents, and the community.


Independent public charter schools can avoid much of the bureaucracy that plagues district public schools.  This freedom allows charter schools to devote more energy and resources to the things that matter – high standards and achieving educational excellence.

Class and School Size

Many charter schools are smaller and have smaller classes than district public schools. This allows charter school students more individual time with teachers and more focus on individual needs.


Most charter schools have a specialized focus for education which creates a school culture that can lead to students who are more invested in their education. Students work with dynamic teachers, and in some cases even specialize their schedule to best prepare for college and beyond.

To learn more about the benefits of a charter school, speak to the educators at City Academy today.

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