City Academy College Scholarship


City Academy graduates have the opportunity to earn the I’m Ready Scholarship for college tuition by completing the following requirements:

  1. Earn a City Academy College Ready Diploma
  2. Submit a College Ready Scholarship Fund Application to the school director requesting the scholarship.


Students earning the scholarship will receive a letter from the College Ready Scholarship Fund explaining procedural details for having up to $1,000 of their college expenses paid (up to $1,200 for students who earn City Academy College Ready Graduation with Distinction) at any accredited post-secondary program, college, or university world-wide.


After careful review of the Utah Core College Readiness Standards along with college entrance recommendations and requirements from colleges across the country, in 2010 the City Academy Board of Trustees officially recognized and named the City Academy diploma as a College Ready Diploma.  City Academy has and always will maintain college ready standards for its high school diploma, and we are thrilled that our diploma carries that name.  Our college preparatory high school in Salt Lake City is committed to achieving the promise of public education – to provide a high quality college preparatory education for every student through an approach that builds the intellectual, creative, personal, social, and civic capacity of its students.

Requirements for the City Academy Diplomas:

Course Areas Credits


Minimum level of

courses required for

College Ready Diploma

Minimum level of

additional work required for

Diploma with Distinction

English 4 1.0 Pre-advanced English
Math 3 1.0 Math 3 or IGCSE Math 4.0 total progressive math credits
Science 3 2.0 Biology or Physics or Chemistry
Social Studies 3.5 1.0 Pre-advanced U.S. History
World Lang 2 2.0 of the same language in 9th-12th 3.0 credits in the same language, the first of which may have been earned in 8th grade
Fine Arts 1.5 Any of the visual or performing arts
PE & Health 2 Must include 1.5 state specified PE

and 0.5 Health

CTE,Fin Lit,Tech 2 Must include at least 0.5 Service Learning Internship
Other Senior year classes at a level higher than junior year in at least three of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, or personal specialization at advanced or college level. Full credit in at least three courses at the

Advanced level of study in at least two of the curriculum areas of English, Math, Science,

Social Studies, or World Languages

Total Specified 21 Graduation Presentation Completion of the graduation presentation

assessed at the Solid or Expanded level

Total Required 24+ At least 3.0 additional credits Completion of either (1) a Senior Project or

CIE Research Project, or (2) Major contribution as a citizen of the school community, through a leadership or mentoring role, service learning committee work

or participation in extra-curricular activities, and evidenced in graduation presentation

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