City Academy Learning Extension (CALE)

At City Academy, a public charter school in Salt Lake City, we give our students opportunities to learn, connect, and extend well beyond our regular school hours. We believe learning continues after the bell rings. City Academy Learning Extension (CALE) offers a variety of extra-curricular activities each day including teams, classes, study rooms, and social activities designed for middle and high school students, as well as parents.

CALE programs run before and after regular school hours as well as Saturdays.  Breakfast and afternoon snacks for participants are available.  Some activities come with a small fee – but a majority of what CALE offers is free to City Academy students through generous STEM Action Center and Afterschool Quality Improvement Grants from The Department of Workforce Services.  We are an intentionally small and personalized learning community with a large number of extra-curricular activities that give our students many opportunities to learn throughout their whole day.   Some of our extension classes can earn credit.

Each CALE program runs on its own posted schedule.  Please explore the variety of opportunities available through each link below.  Then click the calendar link to our school’s Google Calendar to see the “what and when” of all of our incredible CALE offerings.

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