Student School Committees

All City Academy students are encouraged to participate in school-wide service committees that provide authentic services vital to our school and simultaneously provide students an opportunity to learn and lead in a project-based setting.

  • Art & Promotion Committee – Helps design and produce artwork and artifacts for promotion of our school and school events, and to beautify the school.
  • Communications Committee – Helps design and program content for the close circuit CATV to help communicate and promote events at City Academy as well as local, national, & international events.
  • Green School Committee – Maintains and helps develop school gardens, the greenhouse, and indoor plants. Organizes and implements recycling programs & education. Develops & builds awareness for reduce & reuse programs.
  • Library & Reading Committee – Promotes reading and literacy. Maintains a database of school library materials, coordinates check in/out, and creates and implements acquisition and renewal plans for school library. Holds student book talks, and promotes local reading/author events.
  • Social Committee – Organizes social activities and events that occur outside of school time that promote connection, fun, and pride within our school community. Collaborates with Student Council to provide activities during the school day.
  • Student Council – Elected representatives from each grade-level advisory group. Acts as the guardian and catalyst for creating and maintaining a positive, aspirational culture in our school community; develops proposals for resolution of school issues. Provides leadership and specific activities for welcoming new In collaboration with Social Committee, organizes community building activities that occur during the school day, e.g. Spirit Week, Thanksgiving Feast, Talent Show. Provides facilitation for village and town meetings. Provides 2 elected student representatives for each City Academy Advisory Council meeting. Provides students to serve as school ambassadors for special events and school tours.
  • Technology Committee – Furthers the education of teachers and students in the use of technology, Google Drive, etc. Helps maintain, support, and upgrade technology and its use throughout the school. Manages and promotes technology recycling.
  • Yearbook & Photography Committee – Takes photos, edits, designs, and produces photographic records of school activity for use in the yearbook, news magazine, CA TV, school PR, website, and quarterly town meeting slide shows.

Wellness Committee – Works with the school Advisory Council to help ensure enactment and promotion of the School Wellness Policy. Helps educate the school community about healthy food choices, personal wellness, and healthy lifestyles. Promotes and provides healthy activity options that engage the whole school during lunchtime and after school.

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