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How Extracurricular Activities Benefit Teens

Extracurricular activities are vital for kids in middle school and especially high school, but it can often be tough for students to see why. Many kids know the value of extracurricular events for things like college applications, but these often feel far away, and it can be difficult in the moment to get them excited about these ideas.

At City Academy, our charter school program emphasizes extracurricular activity through our City Academy Learning Extension. To help draw interest, we try to emphasize several of the immediate ways these programs can help kids. Here are some of these benefits.

Stronger Learning

Extracurricular activities can help strengthen the mind in ways that traditional learning often can’t match up with. As an example, a high-endurance sport will teach patience and resilience, plus stamina through adversity. These are situations that might not be quite so easy to replicate in the classroom, but they’re common in certain outside activities.

Time Management

Many of these activities can also teach time management. Fitting extra events into the average day requires more flexibility, and actually has been shown to make kids less likely to procrastinate important school work. Extracurricular activities can also offer a “recharging” outlet for young brains fried out after a day in class.

Professional Skills

The classroom can foster many professional skills, but there will be some they can’t really touch on. Leadership clubs and student government are just two examples of great ways for teens to learn these skills in fun, organic ways. Many employers look for these sorts of things, even as far back as high school.

Social Circles

Extracurricular events are also a lot of fun, and they’re a great way for teens to expand their social reach. They can meet other kids with similar interests, plus widen their own interest base.

College Applications

And of course, we can’t forget about how vital these events are for college applications. There may not be the same obsession with a certain prerequisite number of extracurricular activities that there used to be, but there’s no question the top universities look for students who have diversified their lives outside the classroom.

To learn more about our extracurricular programs, or any of our charter school services, contact the educators at City Academy today.

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