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Are you concerned about the safety and quality of your child’s public school? Enroll your child in our tuition-free online charter school. City Academy provides rigorous, individualized instruction to students throughout Salt Lake City.

A common issue with conventional public schools is that they develop a curriculum that targets the majority of students in a given classroom. While this plan may work for some students, it definitely does not work for all. At City Academy, we have been teaching students in 7th through 12th grade for 20 years, and we develop a variety of lesson plans every year that all students can learn from. We ensure each child is challenged and learning.

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Why Our Online Charter School Is Better

The constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have become a challenge for schools and teachers in Utah and across the entire U.S. At City Academy, we have risen to that challenge by taking our curriculum online.

While many schools across the country have switched to virtual classes, the difference at our online charter school is that we are not simply conducting the same lessons in front of a camera; we have revamped our curriculum to better engage students through the online platform.

Small Classes, Individual Attention

Our education model always called for small classes, because we know that the more individual attention a student gets, the better they learn. With our online charter school, the principle is similar.

Part of the problem with online education is that it is hard to hold students’ attention in large groups. Discussions are difficult, and without participation, students get bored and mentally check out. Teachers, knowing students will not stay engaged for the entire class, rush through lessons, and then assign homework, essentially leaving a lot of the learning in the hands of the students themselves. Few of these students are motivated to take on this task.

Our online charter school’s class sizes are smaller and the lesson plans are targeted toward the students’ interests, so we are better able to facilitate discussion and participation.

The Right Mindset to Learn

The smaller class sizes also allow us to better engage with each student and take a more active role, not in just their learning, but their lives as well.

The fallout from the pandemic has had far-reaching effects on everyone, including middle and high school students. Some of these are obvious, but some less so — even to the students themselves, in some cases. Teachers must be attuned to the types of problems that can affect learning, such as depression, anxiety, apathy, loneliness, and more. At our online charter school, we are better able to monitor any issues that affect students’ ability to learn.

City Academy: An Online Charter School

Whether your family members have pre-existing health conditions that prevent your children from attending regular classes at public schools or an online charter school is just a better choice for them for another reason, City Academy could be the perfect fit for your children.

Contact our online charter school in Salt Lake City, Utah, today, and don’t let your children waste another minute of their academic careers.

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