Student Service Learning

See last year’s Service Learning Video to learn more about our Program (click here)

100% of City Academy students participate in a service learning internship project as a part of their graduation requirements. This type of academic service learning is much more than volunteering; it is another means of accomplishing depth and breadth of learning. Service learning combines research and structured learning opportunities with t service tasks in ways that link the task to the acquisition and comprehension of knowledge, ideas, values, and skills, as well as to self-reflection and self-discovery.  Students are involved in internship projects of their choosing in non-profit, social services, or government organizations in the community. Students learn about the causes and issues of the organization within which they are serving.

All students at City Academy have opportunities to participate in school sponsored service learning in at least four different ways. First, students are members of school-wide committees that provide service for the school community while providing students the opportunity to learn about the area of service they are providing, for example library or green school committees.  Further, each year there are several whole school service learning activities where the student body learns more about a particular community need and then acts to help resolve it.

Each student also has academic service learning opportunities that arise in classes across the curriculum when a controversy or issue emerges from the course of study. Students learn about a multifaceted concern and are then asked to develop a solution or resolution to the issue based on their study. Students perform a service when they communicate their solutions to those in the larger community directly dealing with the issue, or when they take action themselves on the issue.

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