Our daughter was a gifted student, but she did not like school. We have tried public schools, another charter school, and even home-schooling. Nothing came close to City Academy in terms of simultaneously supporting and challenging her. I think City Academy’s success is due about equally to their integrated approach to learning, and the quality and dedication of the faculty.

Shelly Albaum

I like how everyone has the chance to get involved.

–Lucas Hayes

Teachers actually care about you here. They will e-mail you, call you and get with you face to face. The teachers are just awesome.

–Marcus Erwin

Have I told you all again lately how happy I am about the concepts, ideals and practices of City Academy? My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in confidence just two months into the year. She is happy about the new things she is learning.

–Wanda Robinson

I am very happy with the decision to send my daughter to City Academy! She just completed her first year and it was a huge success. They really care about and pay attention to the kids. For example, Sonia, the Executive Director, noticed that my daughter was bored in her math class and immediately worked with her to find a more challenging class. I also really love that the school is accepting of all kids, even those that might struggle to find their spot in a standard high school. I highly recommend City Academy as a school that will bring out the best in your kids.

–Brian Rollo

City Academy is the best. It is a great community to be a part of, the teachers are dedicated, my son has many friends from different backgrounds, and they are all really good, happy kids. I have also come to know many parents and they too share the love for City Academy. If you would like to see your child receive an outstanding education and the tools required for a successful future, you will not be disappointed with City Academy!!!!

–Christina Phelps

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